Gledhill Torrent ECO Parts & Spares Guide

Explore the Functionality of Your Gledhill Torrent ECO Boiler Components

Your Gledhill Torrent ECO boiler is a sophisticated system designed to provide efficient heating and hot water for your home. Each component plays a crucial role in ensuring the smooth operation of your boiler. Let's delve into the functionalities of these essential parts:

  • Sensor Nut And Olive GT295: This component is essential for securely fastening sensors in place, ensuring accurate temperature readings within the boiler.

  • Rod Stat XB081: The rod stat monitors the water temperature within the boiler and controls the heating element to maintain the desired temperature level.

  • Pump Valve And Housing GT045: Responsible for circulating hot water throughout the boiler system, the pump valve and housing ensure proper water flow and distribution.

  • Plastic F + E Tank XB343: This tank serves as the feed and expansion tank, maintaining the correct water levels and accommodating any expansion of water within the system.

  • PHE Pump Washers XC008: These washers are crucial for maintaining a tight seal within the plate heat exchanger pump, preventing leaks and ensuring efficient operation.

  • Manual Reset Overheat Thermostat XC011: In the event of overheating, this thermostat triggers a manual reset, safeguarding your boiler from potential damage.

  • Limit Thermostat XC010: The limit thermostat monitors the temperature within the boiler and prevents it from exceeding safe operational limits.

  • DHW Inlet & Outlet Sensors GT198: These sensors monitor the temperature of the domestic hot water, ensuring it reaches the desired temperature for usage.

  • Ballvalve 1212 Part 2 FT206: The ball valve regulates the flow of water into the boiler, allowing for refilling and maintaining optimal water levels.

  • 90 Degree Isolation Valve GT135: This valve provides a means to isolate the boiler from the water supply for maintenance or repairs.

  • Single Shot Overheat Immersion Thermostat XB081: In the event of a sudden temperature rise, this thermostat shuts off the immersion heater, preventing overheating.

  • Scale Inhibitor XB142: The scale inhibitor helps prevent the buildup of limescale within the boiler, preserving its efficiency and prolonging its lifespan.

  • Pump Isolating Valve - Outlet 1" GT133: This valve allows for easy isolation of the pump from the boiler system for maintenance or replacement.

  • Plate Heat Exchanger GT017: The plate heat exchanger transfers heat between different water sources, maximizing energy efficiency in your boiler system.

  • Middle Sensor GT198: This sensor monitors the temperature of the water within the boiler, ensuring it remains within safe operating limits.

  • Main PCB XB111: The main PCB (printed circuit board) controls the various functions of the boiler, ensuring proper operation and safety.

  • Immersion Washer FT407: These washers provide a secure seal for the immersion heater, preventing water leaks.

  • Ball Float FT429: The ball float regulates the water level within the boiler, ensuring optimal operation.

  • 14" Immersion With Stat XB482: This immersion heater with a built-in thermostat heats the water within the boiler to the desired temperature for domestic use.

Understanding the functions of these components will not only help you maintain your Gledhill Torrent ECO boiler but also ensure its efficient and safe operation. If you encounter any issues or require further assistance, consider consulting a qualified technician for professional support.